Go-Live Checklist

The Go-Live Checklist is a one-stop-shop for you to know exactly what is expected of you at each step of the onboarding process and what will happen next. See your steps at each step of the onboarding process


Tell us about your goals and what matters most to you to ensure you get the most value out of NexHealth at your practice. Please come prepared to the kickoff call by following the below checklist:

  1. Health Record System Access: Have access to your health record admin credentials. Or, Contact your IT Manager for assistance
  2. Patient Forms: Submit your forms or choose from ours
  3. Bank Information: Bring your bank info so patients can pay you online
  4. Video Call Setup: See our Zoom Tips & Tricks. Have a microphone and computer for the kickoff call.
  5. Chrome Extension: Download NexHealth Chrome extensions if your health record system requires
  6. Cancel your existing service: Send email #1 to your existing service informing them of your planned termination date

Customization & Setup

Tailor NexHealth to fit your practice’s setup by watching the below customization videos:

Essential Features

Advanced Features


Learn how to use the NexHealth platform in 15 minutes by watching the feature videos below:


We launch NexHealth at your practice