How do I use the digital Waitlist?

A digital waitlist that shows your patient's appointment availability to fill your open calendar slots.



1. NexHealth will message patients on your EHR's waitlist to inform them of an opening in your schedule. NexHealth will read the ASAP list and even the Continuing Care from your practice management system. (In Eaglesoft, this feature is called “sooner if possible”.) 

2. These requests to fill times on your schedule are called "Waitlist Batches." You can manage each batch individually from the Waitlist Status page. For example, if you sent a batch mistakenly for a time you don't wish to fill or the time is filled manually (ex: over the phone), you could cancel that batch to ensure no one else is slotted in at that time.

3. You will be notified of the first patient who accepts the request. You'll still need to confirm it and add that appointment to your EHR, but the workflow is cut significantly.

4. Once the slot has been claimed, patients who try to take that appointment (which is no longer available) will see the following message: "Sorry, this appointment isn't available anymore. We'll let you know when #{doctor_name} has another open time!" 

5. Review the performance of your waitlist function with the Active, Accepted, and Cancelled toggles seen at the right of the waitlist page. These toggles allow you to filter based on the status of your requests:

Active: An active status indicates that the request was sent but no patient has yet accepted the slot. This means someone could still book for this time. Accepted: An accepted status indicates that a patient has accepted this time from the waitlist--successfully bringing you another appointment. 

Canceled: A canceled status indicates that a user at the office has canceled that batch. This means no patients who received the request will be able to book at this time.