Does NexHealth have templated forms?

Enlive comes with 45 templates to help you get a jump start on creating your digital forms. Each of these forms can be kept as-is, or edited to suit your needs.


1. To access your templates, login to your Enlive account and navigate to Forms & Packets in the menu at the left of the screen. Then, choose Build Form.


2. To edit a template, simply select the one you need and use the editor.

  • Click into an element to select it and change the verbiage
  • Drag and drop items throughout the form
  • Hover over an element to find the red X to delete it
  • Or, add new elements with the Orange Element options at the left of the editor

3. The below forms are available in the Templates:

Adult Dental History

Adult Medical Policy

Financial Policy

Kids Dental History

Kids Medical History

Adult HIPAA Form

Adult Privacy Practices

Kids HIPAA Form

Kids Privacy Practice

Records Release

Selfie Form

Guardians Driver License

Dental Insurance

Patient Screening In-Office Form

Patient Screening Pre-Appointment Form

Kids Release Authorization

Driver License Form

Patient Information Form

Adult Release Authorization

Kids General Consent

Bonding & Veneers Information

Consent for Block Grafting

Consent for Bone Graft

Consent for Dental Implant

Consent for Internet Communications

Consent to Perform Dentistry

Credit Card Authorization

General Dentistry Informed Consent

Photography Release

Post-Op Instructions Extractions

Informed Consent for Crown Lengthening

Consent to Orthodontic Treatment

Oral Sedation Monitoring

Invisalign Informed Consent

Informed Consent for Teeth Whitening

Informed Consent for Surgical Perio

Informed Consent for Root Canal

Informed Consent for Nitrous

Informed Consent for Extractions

Informed Consent for Canals

Root Canal Treatment Consent

Office and Payment Policies

4. Click Save or contact your onboarding manager